My Wickes Kitchen - What Next?


9th July - Email from Wickes Customer Service included the following:

“Glad that we have managed to get things cleared up for you and sincere apologies for the delays which you have experienced, now that the work is completed your electrical certificates will be processed and will arrive in the post in due course. (I have not received these yet)

When offering gestures here at Wickes there are guidelines of what we like to offer for certain circumstances, in your situation with the delays you have experienced we would look at offering 75 per month overrun. Therefore, 150 for the 2 month delay from start to finish of your installation.”

11th July - A phone call was received from Wickes Customer Service and the offer was increased to 500. After some discussion, a compensation fee of 750 was agreed.

16th July - Cheques for 750 arrived.


You decide...